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Remember Swisha House? Where Are They Now? Kandy Paint Records Gives A Better Insight

Swishahouse is a Houston, Texas-based independent southern rap record label.


Swishahouse was founded in North Houston in the late 1990s by Michael ‘5000’ Watts (Co-CEO) and OG Ron C as a response to the popularity of chopped and screwed music from Houston’s south side. The label began by distributing mixtape series such as Before da Kappa, After da Kappa, Choppin Em Up and Fuck Action (which featured chopped and screwed versions of R&B songs). Acres Homes/Northside/Homestead are where many of the current/former artists hail.

A song that originally appeared on the compilation album The Day Hell Broke Loose 2, Mike Jones’ “Still Tippin'”, achieved mainstream success in 2004, leading to Swishahouse signing a national distribution deal with Asylum Records. Jones released his major label debut, Who Is Mike Jones?, on Swishahouse/Warner Bros. in April 2005; the album was certified platinum that June.[1]

Aftermath A&R Angelo Sanders said that the great advantage to independents like Swishahouse is that, “They’re able to get their product out on the streets to specific regions at a greater speed than a major … They’re able to flood that whole Texas market with a product before the majors are able to notice what is going on out there.”[2]

Paul Wall’s major label debut, The Peoples Champ, on Swishahouse/Atlantic, was released in September 2005, eventually topping the Billboard 200.[3] Before embarking on his rap career and while still at school, Wall had worked in the Swishahouse office.[4]

In 2006, rival label Dope House Records and Swishahouse teamed up to release South Park Mexican’s ninth album, When Devils Strike.[5] A chopped and screwed version was also released.
G-Dash (Co-CEO) and Michael Watts (Co-CEO)


  • Michael ‘5000’ Watts
  • Paul Wall
  • Lil Keke
  • Yung Redd
  • F.A.M. 420 (Magno aka Magnificent, Coota Bang, Archie Lee, and Konan)
  • Dallas
  • Surreall
  • Lil’ Young
  • Badbwoy BMC
  • DJ Mankind
  • Felony
  • E-Class

Former Artists

  • Aqualeo (Priceless & Acie High)
  • Big Tiger
  • Chamillionaire
  • Slim Thug
  • Mike Jones
  • 50/50 Twin
  • Lil’ Twin
  • Big Pic
  • A.D. Green
  • Lil’ Mario
  • Lil’ Trey
  • Sabwarfare
  • Big Redd
  • OG Ron C
  • J Dawg
  • Lil Pat
  • Blyndcyde
  • Lester Roy
  • Alley Cat
  • Lil’ Ron
  • Al Bolden
  • PJ
  • Krazy Man
  • Lew Hawk

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