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CEO Terry “Mississippi Sipp” Brisco Of Kandy Paint Records Album Catalog Information

Ceo Terry Mississippi Sipp Brisco Of Kandy Paint Records Album Catalog

Mississippi Sipp-Cadillac Dope Boy Da Album (Released October 10,2006)

Mississippi Sipp- Tawk Real Da Album (Released July 4,2008)

Mississippi Sipp 1 Life 2 Live Da Album (Released May 23,2012)

Mississippi Sipp 1 Life 2 Live Da Album (CED-T Dedication/Alternate Album cover) (Released May 23,2012)

Mississippi Sipp- Pimp Tendencies Da Album (Due Out Late 2013/2014)

Kandy Paint Records Terry Terell Brisco, aka Mississippi Sipp, began his career by distributing his records through a small Leland,Ms Area record label. He started out in Arlington,Virginia where his mother resided. Despite being on the East Coast, Mississippi Sipp maintained his connections to the South through his Grandmother and Uncles who remained in Leland,Mississippi. Terry “Mississippi Sipp” Brisco signed his lifetime friends and family Big Mook,Black Dog Puna,Reign (his half cousin) & Marchello “Clak” Wright. Later he and Big Mook (along with his uncle Iceburg) went on to form the group KPR. During the early 2000’s, Mississippi Sipp released a few solo albums Cadillac Dope Boy & Tawk Real Da Album, with very much success. However, Mississippi Sipp was able to garner notoriety for himself and Kandy Paint Records in the South by collaborating with various mississippi artists and through his shop compilation albums One Percenters,Pimp Tendency & Kandy Paint Records 5 Stars. Following his success on the East Coast in May 2005, Mississippi Sipp decided the time was right to expand his label. After signing several digital online deals and a Internet buzz thats so big. Mississippi Sipp moved Kandy Paint Records and set up in Leland,Mississippi. He brought his sister,management and entourage. In 2011, Kandy Paint Records plan to sign a huge digital distribution deal with Apple to distribute Kandy Paint Records music. Mississippi Sipp will maintain ownership of all of his master recordings,publishing and his studio. He also became the label’s main artist, and also will releasing the album 1 Life 2 Live later this year. By 2013, Kandy Paint Records will grow to consist of Mississippi Sipp, Big Mook, Black Dog Puna,Reign,& Clake. Mississippi Sipp also writes,produce,direct,act and screen write. This started his movie career which will lead to films such as Rise 2 Fame & Welcome 2 Leland. Big Mook, Golden Boy, debuted at Number One in the streets.Many of the Kandy Paint Records artists will reach longevity and complete other projects. By 2013, it appears that the focus of Kandy Paint Records was unlimited to the Leland Mississippi family. This notion was further strengthened with the release of his artist, Black Dog Puna self titled debut album. On January 12,2013, the company buzz was so large that they literally had the Internet going nuts. Mississippi Sipp realized it is more sensible to continue to run Kandy Paint Records and organize and finance the company with profits from Digital Downloads & Club Appearance sales. He named his publishing company “Pure Players Entertainment”. By 2014, the organized label has full ownership. Kandy Paint Records look forward to developing its very own distribution company, Cross Da Bay Entertainment.


Since Pimping Ain’t Easy I Can Teach You How To Be A Player

  1. 1

    Learn the art of Seduction. You have to be a very clever person to seduce a woman. Because women aren’t usually attracted to just anybody. Build your reputation, because women are gravitated towards status and position. The higher your status is, the more she’ll fall for you.

  2. 2

    Build Confidence. This is the #1 thing you have to remember while seducing a woman. Women are attracted to confidence as much as you are attracted to their ass! Be a super-confident guy. But don’t become cocky! It will not attract them, but will do the opposite.

  3. 3

    Using Humor. Women absolutely love humor. It is another important ingredient to be a lady-killer. Perfect your timing with using humor, and see what effect it has on the ladies!

  4. 4

    Develop the skill of manipulation. There is only one thing by which you can manipulate people, and i.e. TRUST! If someone trusts you, you can easily make him do whatever you want. But be careful, don’t break the trust of somebody who seriously loves you. It will hurt them.

  5. 5

    Have a classy Wardrobe. Although, looks do not matter that much. But they certainly do matter if you are in the game of seduction. Be stylish and wear neat & clean clothes.

  6. 6

    Have some nice shoes. When women check guys out, they do look at shoes. If you are wearing a 5-year-old pair of shoes, you know how many women will be impressed by you. But if you polish your shoes everyday, and give them a shiny look, women will love you just for it. Believe me!

  7. 7

    Cologne – Use a perfume that has a refreshing smell. Spray some behind your ears, at your wrists and at your chest.

  8. 8

    Learn how to flirt. You can’t just dress and be proper and expect women to fall for you! After doing all the above steps, visit a nearby club. Look for a woman of your interest there. Walk up to her and flirt with her. If she rejects you, she has missed a great guy! Then walk up to another woman, and do the same, until you find one falling in your love.

  9. 9

    Date. After you get one or two women, you certainly will want to date them. The best place to date a woman is to take her to a candle light dinner. Hold her hand and chat about romantic subjects with her. She’ll go crazy for you. You can always make eye-contact with some other woman when she’s not watching.

Provided By: Mississippi Sipp Ceo Of Kandy Paint Records 7/27/2012

Pimps Pimping 101:Space Age Pimping Is It Dead Or Has It Moved To The Web?


Definition of a Simp– simple, is feeble, a walk over and very ineffective in his relationship.

Add power to a Simp, you get a Pimp (Simp+ Power=Pimp). Basically replace the letter ‘s’ with the letter ‘P’.

A Pimp can be described in two ways, 1) by what he is described as and 2) by what he does.

1) A Pimp by what he is- Power (not dominance, more like a hold) over his women (hoes), uses feebleness as a technique and very effective in his relationships.

2) A Pimp by what he does- Properly, Inspiring, Managing, Prostitutes (P.I.M.P).

A hoe is a woman who will open up her legs to anyone. If you take away the letter ‘l’ from hole, you have a hoe. A Hoe is nothing but a hole to stick the dick in. They are women who do not value their hole (vagina). A hoe who sleeps around with anyone because she feels like it is generally called a Whore. See it like this:

A hoe who is worn out from so many dicks and still wants more is a Whore. The words ‘worn out’ can be prounced wor out, so wor + hoe=Whore. She opens up her legs to anybody who is willing to give her love. Deep down it is love that she is seeking and she feels like opening up her legs is the way to receive it. It stems from what may have happened or what she may have seen in her upbringing.

When a Pimp comes along, he aims to turn a hoe’s (or a whore’s) ways into a professional attribute by using her institution (body). Professional (her skills) + Institution (her body)= Prostitution. But a Pimp will set up an Institute containing more than one hoe getting him money. So Professional (her skills) + Institute (her place of ‘work’)= Prostitute.

A Prostitute is a hoe who charges and gets paid for giving up sex. Her clients are normally Simps and tricks never a playa, Mack or other Pimps. But other Pimps can take a hoe from another Pimp but there are rules to this, there are rules to the game.

A Pimp is the person that all the hoes give the money to and he’ll look after the money and invest it in getting accessories, necessities and in case he needs to bail any hoe out of jail. A hoe goes to him to be empowered and to be taught how to be effective in getting more money by knowing how men think and by knowing how men behave.

He fattens each one with knowledge. Fat + her (each one of his hoes is a ‘her’ or a ‘she’)=Father. They see him as a father figure and call him daddy. He schools them and they make money. Together they get rich because some pimps do invest in other things.

A Pimp will use sex as a reward and all the hoes want sex from him. He will choose one hoe who is his top hoe to keep all the other hoe’s in line. Women listen to other women more see, so he passes most of his messages to his top hoe. All the hoe’s he has will be emotional attached to him and will most likely stay no matter what he does but they can be taken away by other Pimps if a Pimp attempts to ‘break’ (take) her.But there are rules to the game.

A Pimp has to be emotionless.The less emotions he shows the more power he seems to illuminate. The less emotions he shows the harder he is to read. He has to be like a god to these hoes and he must be able to handle their emotions. This is why it is good to have a top hoe, in the Pimp world they call the top hoe’s bottom b*tches.

A Pimp fears losing control. He knows that if he loses control of himself and his emotions he may lose all his hoes (the stable).He aims to ‘break’ (convert) more hoes into prostitution because that equals more money. But a Pimp doesn’t go looking but they normally come to him. When they do then he uses his rap (his words) to ‘break’ (convert) her.

A Pimp hardly ever has sex with his hoes but will use it as a reward if a hoe makes more money than predicted. This control and discipline earns him his hoe’s respect but they will try to increase the temptation for him to sleep with them. A Pimp properly, inspires and manages a prostitute (P.I.M.P) and this is referred to as Pimping.

A lion has his pride (that is what a lion group is called)

Even priests have nuns but

A Pimp has hoes (prostitutes)-his stable.

The game for a Pimp is cop and blow which means he gets hoes and loses hoes. A hoe will join and a hoe will leave. A Pimp is not fazed because that is the game. But some Pimps will break the number one rule that you don’t do and that is fall in love with a hoe. Even if he is in love, showing it will decrease his power (hold) over the other hoes. All the hoes are always jealous of each other. This is the man that they can’t easily have because he doesn’t give up sex so easily so they will fight if it seems like he is showing favoritism to one more than the other. This is why most hate the bottom b*tche (the top hoe) but they know that any bad report to the Pimp (their ‘daddy’) will get them in trouble.

This is why a Pimp usually doesn’t stay in the same house as his stable (he’s bunch of hoes). But if and when they don’t see him they want him more and the emotional attachment grows. If he stays hidden for to long without rapping (using his words) to them to build the emotional attachment, he may lose them all. A pimp has a hold (power) on these hoes and only he decides when he wants to settle down and have kids. But sometimes giving sex as a rewards will make a hoe pregnant and when that happens he either puts the baby and mother (hoe) in a different location (away from all the other hoes) and looks after them from a distance or he asks her to leave the stable and ignore them. Her value has decreased, she cannot make any money in her state.

It is said that a Pimp is sworn in, you can’t just become a Pimp. There are rules to the game. A real Pimp is born a pimp because his dad was a pimp. Any Simps, tricks, players and macks looking to be a Pimp must seek out a Pimp because pimping has many rules and is serious business mann. A man must totally transform. But once he knows the game, he can basically get any woman (hoes) he wants.

Some pimps will hit their hoes but most don’t, it is important to understand that a hoe can leave at anytime but it is the emotional attachment that keeps her there. Why would she leave her ‘daddy’? Its all psychology!

At the end of the day, a pimp meets, manages, sleeps and learns from all women (hoes) of different shapes, color and sizes and they all love him. The hold is strong but do note that there are different types of pimps. The game is still cop and blow. A pimp is only as strong as the control he has over himself.

Mississippi Sipp

Ceo Of Kandy Paint Records