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Mississippi Sipp & Kandy Paint Records “Doing My Thang” Verse Promo Unofficial Music Video Trailer


Artist: Black Dog Puna Ft. Mississippi Sipp
Song Title: Doing My Thang
Label: Kandy Paint Records
Location:Leland Mississippi
Status: Unsigned Independent No 360 DEALS!

This is a promotional video of my verse to the hit single “Doing My Thang” Which was written by Black Dog Puna. I jumped on the First Verse of this song to say the following. Had some HD footage from 2011/2012 that I used to put together this vid so please Disregard the COOGI hahaha!

Mississippi Sipp Verse:
If dis was football
U can call me da quarter back
6 feet tall I got a customized Cadillac
No running back Nigga I’m RG3
Cause im doing my thang
A lot of y’all wAnna envy me
Took Penitentiary Chances
Special prayers from Landi
A young scholar bout Dat dolla
A independent Syrup-a-holic
A pimp nigga just living it up
Stacking Gs Smoking Trees
And getting my dick sucked
Remember Mack truck
A bunch of cotton field choppers
Nowadays we picking 5 at da local Stop N Shop
Set it out for da Party
Cause we like to party
Set it out for da Block
Plus we don’t fuck wit cops
Fina knock at yo door
Dats wat we call nigga knock
When we floss in da sun dats
When dem drop tops drop
Mane we hit da parking lot
Cause dem boys be sinning
Mane it’s Kandy Paint Records
Nothing But Positive Energy!

Kandy Paint Records & Mississippi Sipp Will Not Accept A 360 Artist Record Deal

In the music industry, a 360 deal is a business relationship between an artist and a music industry company. The company agrees to provide financial support for the artist, including direct advances as well as funds for marketing, promotion and touring. The artist agrees to give the company a percentage of all of their income, including sales of recorded music, live performances and any other income.

The business arrangement is an alternative to the traditional recording contract. During the first decade of the 21st century, revenues from recorded music fell dramatically and the profit margins traditionally associated with the record industry disappeared. The 360 deal reflects the fact that much of a musician’s income now comes from sources other than recorded music, such as live performance and merchandise.

Although I agree that frequently when dealing with the record labels, the so-called 360 deals do not work for artists, it is mostly because the labels are not properly staffed to exploit the rights that they obtain from the artists and the artists’ share of revenue is still calculated using convoluted and unfair accounting methods. If, however, the deal is structured in a way where the company, not necessarily a traditional record label, participates in all of an artist’s revenue streams, the company is properly equipped to aggressively exploit those rights and the economics provide for an equitable split of receipts, the deal could be mutually beneficial. Under the right conditions both artist and company are equally incentivized and can focus on the most profitable or creatively desirable revenue streams. Changing market conditions continue to reduce revenue derived from sales, physical and digital collectively. Still, the companies that make the substantial investment in developing, recording and marketing brands (artists are brands), are entitled to earn a reasonable return on their investment. Now, that means participating in the multiple revenue streams generated from the exploitation of the brands they build. I’m not greedy but point blank period no one should ever have access to my personal revenue streams that I created on my own. I understand the initial investment towards Kandy Paint Records but thats on 1 level not ALL. Me Personally now Im a real nigga so Ill be willing to compromise to where we ALL can get WEALTHY alot quicker together. I mean lets start to make some sense out of this now you can record a album,movie or any other content and post it right to the Internet the same minute. Artist can also record a full album in their car if they like too! In other words the world has changed and so has the Game so therefore if you cant adapt to the new age rap game then your useless as a Artist. Be smart my nigga! Stay Focused! This aint got shit to do with the white mane or black mane its all about that Dolla and if yall know me im fucking hoes from Texas to Guatemala!Im Gone!

Mississippi Sipp

Ceo Of Kandy Paint Records