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Kandy Paint Records Own “Black Dog Puna” Da Introduction BIO

Black Dog Puna Weed N Seed Is My Neighborhood cover

Rapper Black Dog Puna

Born in Cook County Hospital in Chicago,Illinois. But later was raised in the harsh streets of Black Dog a local neighborhood in Leland Mississippi. Which is one of Leland most popular Hood’s which catered to Pimping, Drug Dealing, Block Party’s held by mostly big time ballas and dope boys. Seeing all that and more gave him the drive to one day becoming the Mane in the small town but at the age of 13 his grandma sent him to Dallas Texas to live with his mother. After moving to Texas he got into sports and started playing football. But later quitting the team and getting into the streets in Dallas which later lead to him getting locked up at the age of 16 in Texas. While locked up he begin to rap with the other guys that was locked up with him. After getting out of jail he moved back to Mississippi and went right back to the streets after being back in Leland for only a short while he later moved out to Northern VA.

An imposing figure with a voice to match, Black Dog Puna has been into the music since a lil kid in the early 90’s. Rappin Ghetto Boys and No Limit Records Songs to the older guys that he looked up too. After gettin older he begin to write own songs and performing them at school and for friends and family. Also dropping in for guest verses on albums for Kandy Paint Records for several years. With hit’s like “Lane 2 Lane Swerving” before making his full-length debut self titled album “Black*Dog*Puna Da Album”  Based out of Leland Mississippi in a neighborhood called Black Dog on Hood St. Wanting 2 do his part and help put the City “Leland,Ms” and Kandy Paint Records on tha map the MC fell in with child home Friend and Kandy Paint Records Ceo Mississippi Sipp and established a following in short time, which had a lot to do with his street sense and business instinct. Black Dog Puna also introduced his blood sister to the parent label also she goes by the rap name Reign. Who made her first feat. on tha 2007 “Tawk Real” Album intro by Mississippi Sipp. (He also acquired a couple Mixtapes and became involved with Online Marketing through Twitter.) Black Dog Puna Da Album, distributed by KPR Entertainment, sustained several release-date delays before its March 2015 street date, and featured production work from Vybe Beats, Facial Makaveli,Twanbeatmaker,Nard&B, Inspired Minds, and EaRaSponsableProductions.


Kandy Paint Records

Kandy Paint Records Presents:Big Mook-Bringing Love Back Album

Antonio Rico”Big Mook” Johnson (born December 8, 1984 in Greenville, Mississippi) is an American football nose tackle for the Indianapolis Colts of the National Football League. He was drafted by the Tennessee Titans in the fifth round of the 2007 NFL Draft. He played college football at Mississippi State. Big Mook is Also a recording R&B Rap Artist over at Kandy Paint Records. He is also a huge Investor of the company as of 2013. Most people who personally know him know him as “FLIP”.

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song title
1. Bringing Love Back (Intro) 0:33 + MP3 $0.99
2. Can’t Get U Off My Mind 4:38 + MP3 $0.99
3. All Night Long 3:45 + MP3 $0.99
4. Anything 3:34 + MP3 $0.99
5. Let Me Close 3:08 + MP3 $0.99
6. Mane Thang 4:25 + MP3 $0.99
7. Game Plan 3:33 + MP3 $0.99
8. Feel the Breeze 3:47 + MP3 $0.99
9. Do U Care 3:39 + MP3 $0.99
10. Crazy 3:47 + MP3 $0.99
11. Won’t Be Alone 3:38 + MP3 $0.99
12. Since I Saw U 3:27 + MP3 $0.99
13. Loving U the Old Way 3:36 + MP3 $0.99
14. My Love (Always) [feat. D.Scott] 4:37 + MP3 $0.99
15. Imma Do Me 3:32 + MP3 $0.99
16. Make U Say (Bonus Track) 3:57 + MP3 $0.99
17. Want Ya Mind (Bonus Track) 3:40 + MP3 $0.99

Mississippi Sipp
Ceo Of Kandy Paint Records

Mississippi Sipp-1 Life 2 Live Album Out Now On Google Play(Brand New 2012 Release Date)

Google Play Store Link:

01.Mississippi Sipp-Dat Mississippi Sipp Intro
02.Mississippi Sipp ft. Black Dog Puna & Big Mook-Record Deal
03.Mississippi Sipp ft. Young Sipp & Nene-Welcome 2 Da Delta
04.Mississippi Sipp-Picture Me Rich
05.Mississippi Sipp-Leland Is My Stomping Ground
06.Mississippi Sipp Ft. Big Mook & Daniel Boone Of Leland-We Getting It
07.Mississippi Sipp-Still Standing On Da Corner
08.Mississippi Sipp-4 In Da Morning
09.Mississippi Sipp ft.Big Mook-This Type Around
10.Mississippi Sipp-Ball Nigga Ball
11.Mississippi Sipp-Sipp Ward Go Hard
12.Mississippi Sipp-Block Sewed Off
13.Mississippi Sipp ft.Black Dog Puna-Neva Had Shyt
14.Mississippi Sipp ft. Big Mook & Black Dog Puna-Rolling Down Da Slab
15.Mississippi Sipp-Dem Feds Coming
16.Mississippi Sipp-1 Deep Creepin(2005 Cadillac Dope Boy Retro Bonus)
17.Mississippi Sipp- No Limit Records “Fiend” Appreciation Outro

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http://www.kandypaintrecords.comhttp://www.mississippisipp.com @ Mississippisipp