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Mississippi Sipp-1 Life 2 Live Album Out Now On Google Play(Brand New 2012 Release Date)

Google Play Store Link:

01.Mississippi Sipp-Dat Mississippi Sipp Intro
02.Mississippi Sipp ft. Black Dog Puna & Big Mook-Record Deal
03.Mississippi Sipp ft. Young Sipp & Nene-Welcome 2 Da Delta
04.Mississippi Sipp-Picture Me Rich
05.Mississippi Sipp-Leland Is My Stomping Ground
06.Mississippi Sipp Ft. Big Mook & Daniel Boone Of Leland-We Getting It
07.Mississippi Sipp-Still Standing On Da Corner
08.Mississippi Sipp-4 In Da Morning
09.Mississippi Sipp ft.Big Mook-This Type Around
10.Mississippi Sipp-Ball Nigga Ball
11.Mississippi Sipp-Sipp Ward Go Hard
12.Mississippi Sipp-Block Sewed Off
13.Mississippi Sipp ft.Black Dog Puna-Neva Had Shyt
14.Mississippi Sipp ft. Big Mook & Black Dog Puna-Rolling Down Da Slab
15.Mississippi Sipp-Dem Feds Coming
16.Mississippi Sipp-1 Deep Creepin(2005 Cadillac Dope Boy Retro Bonus)
17.Mississippi Sipp- No Limit Records “Fiend” Appreciation Outro

—->Mississippi Sipp Google Play Artist Page To Purchase Full Album <—-

http://www.kandypaintrecords.comhttp://www.mississippisipp.com @ Mississippisipp