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The Nike Foamposite Review: Kiss Of Death? Why Are People Still Dying Over Extremly High Priced Shoes?

Nike Air Foamposite One Galaxy Review by Stickie213

You just knew this was going to happen, right? As of last weekend—a full four or five days before the Nike Galaxy Foamposites were released—there were people all over the country standing in line waiting to buy a pair. And for good reason. Go do a quick scan of eBay and you’ll find that there are Foamposites going for upwards of $2500 (or more!) on there. So people would have died to get their hands on a pair of these when they were released the other day. And, in at least one instance, they almost did.

At a mall in Florida—where, by the way, the NBA was getting ready to hold All-Star Weekend—a crowd of 3,000 people gathered to await the opening of a mall where Galaxy Foamposites were being sold the other night. Unfortunately, though, the mall did not set up a line or inform those who had gathered of exactly how many pairs of Foamposites would be available. So people just continued to gather and gather and gather…until things went terribly wrong. The crowd got unruly, shots were fired into the air, and riot police had to be called to the scene to calm things down. In a word, it got crazy. All over a bunch of pairs of sneakers.

When is enough going to be enough? We love the fact that people are so invested in sneakers that they’re willing to go and wait in line for days to get their hands on a pair of them. But, at the same time, if even one single person gets killed as a result of the madness that surrounds these sneaker releases, Nike has to find a better way to do this. Having folks stand in gigantic lines for midnight sneaker releases is a recipe for disaster. And, if something doesn’t change soon, we fully expect to see more situations like the one that happened in Orlando with the Galaxy Foamposites. It’s a real shame. But with the way the world works today, Nike really needs to find a new approach in the future. Because this could have been a real tragedy. And it all would’ve been over a pair of sneakers.

Me personally I can only blame the manufacturers for not making enough and building the anticipation up for these school kids and street kids. Back when I was a real true dedicated sneaker head you can usually stop by a mall on your highschool lunch break to pick up any foamposite or exclusive show of your choice. The game has really changed especially when I find myself making $400-$2000 purchases on these below!

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