The Easiest Way To Get Over A Break Up With A Spouse Or Companion Is To Simply Throw A PARTY!

Majority of the people and readers of RELATIONSHIP tips like this are people fresh out of a relationship. Many of them just got out of a long-term relationship and others may have only dated the woman a few months. Either way, getting used to a breakup can be a difficult thing to do.

In order to be successful in dating, though, you have to get over your breakup so you can move on and find someone else. Its Simple as that you feel me!

Just Recently, I went through a tough breakup with my girlfriend of three years. It was tough and times were hard. When you date someone for a long time, you tend to get used to her. It’s hard to imagine getting your life going again without them.

A good friend who had gone though a similar situation gave me some good tips on how to get over my breakup. So I’m going to share some of them with you today.

First, write it down.

Sometimes it helps just to write down on paper how you feel. As I look back now on the way I felt and the things I wrote, I can’t believe how needy I had become. It’s amazing how becoming too attached to someone changes your whole personality. You go from being secure and confident, to being dependent on someone else.

Secondly, you should go out.

Go do things that you didn’t do when you had a girlfriend. Reestablish your relationships with your partners that you have neglected. Make some new friends and meet some new people.

For those of you currently in relationships, remember not to forget your friends. They were there with you before you met your girlfriend, and they’ll be there after she’s gone. So make some time for them.

Thirdly, have fun and enjoy yourself.

I can’t tell you how nice it is to go out with my friends as late as I want and being able to do whatever I want to do, without having to explain to my girlfriend where I had been all night. Sometimes it’s real nice to enjoy being single and having some freedom.

Fourth, realize that there are other fish in the sea.

There are plenty of single women out there. Just give it time and you find someone better. Things will get better. You will be happy again. You will not always be sad. I truly believe that when one door closes, a bigger and better door will open up.

Lastly, don’t read too deep into it.

Don’t try to figure everything out. Over analyzing things will just cause you more heartache and pain. Just accept the fact that it is over and move on. Time will help heal your pain.

Remember guys, falling down does not make you a failure, staying down makes you a failure.

Challenges make you stronger and help you grow. So if you’re going through a breakup today or a tough time, just remember to go out, have fun, realize that there are other women out there, and don’t read too deep into things.

If you do this, I’m confident that in time you will overcome your breakup and find someone even better.

Article Provided by:Terry “Mississippi Sipp” Brisco


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