SEX:Great Sex, Meaningful Sex, Lovely Sex and Harmonizing Sex(Poem)

Written by:Ucant JudgeMe

Brought To You & Published By:Kandy Paint Records Content

Erotica, Its a place of pure bliss and definite pleasure;
An atmosphere unknown to mind, unless the body is there in the mist.
Temperatures rise, bodies engage in soulful journeys making floetic melodies; face to face, breath to breath,eye to eye, chest to chest…just mainly body to body.Clustered in one’s realm of intimacy; sweat, lust, and the main thing symphony.Orchestrated with sound, the moans,the vivid convo, the breathing.
Intensified body drama with the creativity of friction known as sex.
Great sex, meaningful sex, lovely sex and harmonizing sex. Now let’s enjoy each other and lay in SEX.

Written by:Ucant JudgeMe

Brought To You By:Kandy Paint Records Content


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About kandypaintrecords

True Playas, Pimps, Hustlas and Fans of Down South Hardcore Reality Rap know rapper Artist/Ceo Mississippi Sipp Of Kandy Paint Records talent and street fame like they know their own. As a Young Player from the South and CEO of Kandy Paint Records Mississippi Sipp blazed the scene for local popular Southern rap acts such as Lower 9,BDP(BLACK DOGG POSSE),754 Boyz,Needle in a Haystack and countless of others to follow. As a Ceo,Artist,Song Writer,Producer,Graphix Designer and a Trill Hustler the LELAND MISSISSIPPI native is on the come up and is literally helping mold the sound of Southern rap music, certain influences like Dj Screw, Master P,Juvenile,Baby,Lil-Keke,UGK,M r.Pookie,SUC,LIL FLIP,CED T,3-6 Mafia,Playa Fly,and many other Texas Rappers Help Gave "SIPP" DA NEW DOWN SOUTH SOUND. Born Terry "Terell" Brisco in the small town of Leland Mississippi born & raised in the rough and tumble neighborhood of Black Dog where he experienced the various ups and down associated with being a young Black male growing up Down South. Like many southern areas in the late 80s Leland,Mississippi was hit with a crack epidemic that turned the once peaceful town upside down. Drugs and violence became a common place and "SIPP" struggled to avoid the traps that the Streets and Court System set up for young black men.

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  1. Im so lglad tht i do have this talent… thank God for tht

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